Capturing a Visual Story of Alcoholic Liver Disease Research

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It started with a quick tour and meeting the team. We sat in the break room to chat about what Dr. Bin Gao’s lab at the NIH IRP is up to, in preparation to return a few days later to capture photos and video of their ‘Research in Action.’

What followed amazed the photographer and me, as we heard about how alcohol abuse affects the liver and the ways it is studied in the Laboratory of Liver Diseases under Dr. Gao. Personally, knowing people in my life with alcohol abuse problems, Dr. Gao’s team inspires me to communicate about the basic research that may one day save lives. Learning about the roles of immune cells, such as neutrophils, as well as dietary factors, genetics, and drinking patterns in the development of alcoholic liver disease was incredibly interesting.

The video and a few of my personal favorite photos from our visit appear below—click to read “Chronic Plus Binge: A Better Model of Alcohol Abuse.”

It’s 10:44 a.m.—time to search for answers to big questions about human health.

Genes are very expressive—what information do these red and green rectangles hold?

Before going under the microscope, liver samples are encased in wax for slicing and viewing.

The team—all smiles on photo day :) And it’s still 10:44 a.m.… I’m starting to wonder if this clock’s batteries are depleted.

No immune cells escape the gaze of a determined researcher with a flow cytometer.

Teamwork moves science forward.

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