Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Beyond the molecular and cellular level, learning how behavioral and social factors influence illness and health is vital to understanding, treating, and preventing disease. Behavioral and social sciences research is a large, multifaceted field, encompassing a wide array of disciplines and approaches.

The Intramural Research Program (IRP) vision brings together the biomedical, behavioral, and social science communities to work collaboratively at solving complex and pressing health challenges. Areas of focus include research on social and behavioral processes, biopsychosocial research, and applied research in the following areas:

  • Identifying and understanding the behavioral factors associated with the onset and course of illness
  • Research on the effects of illness or physical condition on behavioral and social functioning
  • Treatment outcomes research
  • Research on health promotion and disease prevention
  • Research on institutional and organizational influences on health

To find out more about the ways behavioral and social research is being integrated into IRP programs, visit any of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Interest Groups.

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