Postbac Poster Day Triumphs

Monday, June 15, 2015

If 580 posters displaying scientific data from research across the intramural programs at 24 NIH Institutes and Centers sounds like a lot to take in, have a look at the size of the crowds coming to see them. Walking into the Natcher Conference Center on Postbac Poster Day is like walking into a maze abuzz with urgency. Bulletin board after bulletin board of postbac research posters summarize months of work, each one surrounded by fellow scientists, NIH staff, and visitors staff who are interested in the research and asking questions.

NIH's Postbac Poster Day is an exciting event that gathers postbacs from across our campuses gather to discuss their research in a public venue, explaining the projects behind them and gaining valuable feedback from other scientists. The exposure to researchers from other labs and scientific fields also opens the possibilities for new and unexpected connections, for both the research and the postbacs themselves. It is also a milestone in young investigators' careers that helps them decide where to direct their efforts to achieve their goals.

“Students have told me that they’ve talked to investigators who might have reagents or resources or ideas,” said Dr. Sharon Millgram, Director of the Office of Intramural Training and Education. “They’ve gotten feedback about publications and where papers might be submitted. It’s a day about collaborations and sharing.”

It’s also a day to honor the mentors who support postbacs as they complete their research at the NIH and choose the future directions of their careers. The 2015 Postbac Distinguished Mentor Awards were announced at a ceremony in between poster sessions, and a keynote speech about networking and career development further inspired postbacs to communicate and strive for success. Distinguished Mentor Award winners for 2015 are Drs. B. Scott Perrin, Jr., Le Lu, and Veronica Alvarez (to explore Dr. Alvarez's work, see her "Research in Action" story).

Science is an absorbing journey that can make it easy to miss many of our colleague's amazing discoveries, happening all the time. Postbac Poster Day is one of many ways that the NIH brings scientists together and promotes progress in a collaborative environment. Enjoy the video below for a glimpse of the energy at NIH Postbac Poster Day:

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