From the Deputy Director for Intramural Research

Of Assays and Surveys: Tools to Inform Decision-Making

At the NIH we make decisions at all levels that profoundly affect the organization’s mission and the conduct of science here. We need to have input from all our NIH workforce to make informed decisions. One of the ways to obtain such input is through surveys.

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Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.

An Immunotherapy Pioneer Tells All

Steven Rosenberg is widely considered the father of cancer immunotherapy. His 40-year scientific journey has led to an explosion of immunotherapy treatments for numerous cancer types both at the NIH and across the globe.

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News Briefs

New Scientific Director for NIMHD: Anna María Nápoles, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Nápoles Is NIH’s First Latina Scientific Director


Anna María Nápoles, who was a professor and behavioral epidemiologist at the University of California at San Francisco, was recently appointed scientific director for the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

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Colleagues: Recently Tenured

Meet your recently tenured colleagues: Lucy R. Forrest (NINDS); Laura Beane Freeman (NCI-DCEG); Michail S. Lionakis (NIAID); Antonina Roll-Mecak (NINDS); and Justin W. Taraska (NHLBI, pictured)

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News You Can Use: Enhancing Workforce Diversity; Fabricators; BTRIS

NIH’s Toolkit for Enhancing Scientific Workforce Diversity helps NIH institutes and centers identify, recruit, and advance scientists from underrepresented groups; fabricators moved to the Office of Research Facilities and continue to provide custom instrumentation, equipment design, fabrication, and modification services; the Biomedical Translational Research Information System is a resource that brings together clinical research data from the Clinical Center and other NIH institutes and centers.

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Research Briefs

Read about NIH advances: abnormalities in the brain’s processing of glucose linked to Alzheimer disease; infectious prion protein found in skin of patients with CJD; hibernating squirrels may provide clues for new stroke treatments; cases of unexplained anaphylaxis linked to red-meat allergy; and more.

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Nobel Laureate Roderick MacKinnon Describes How Ion Channels Work

Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series Presentation in September 2017

Listening to Nobel Laureate Roderick MacKinnon describe how ion channels function is like having Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates explain binary code. MacKinnon was the opening act for the 2017-2018 season of the NIH Director’s Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series (WALS), held on September 27, 2017, in Masur Auditorium (Building 10).

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The Training Page: NIH Does Fitness

Being a trainee can be tough at times. We need to be able to balance an overwhelming number of tasks including lab meetings, research, writing, keeping up to date with the literature, mentoring, teaching, and attending conferences. While we all know that time for fitness and wellbeing should be prioritized, they are often the first to fall by the wayside when time is limited.

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The Training Page: Data Journalism

As a postbaccalaureate researcher at NIH, I work with big data. I’m also a writer in my spare time. Last fall, I attended a writers conference and discovered data journalism, which allows  me to combine my interests in big data and writing. Data journalism involves the finding, collecting, and analyzing of data to create compelling news stories.

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Obituaries 2017

Former NIH scientists and other NIH-affiliated people who died in 2017.

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The SIG Beat


NIH’s Free Radical Interest Group and the interagency and university consortium the Oxygen Club of Greater Washington, D.C., work to bring together individuals from a wide range of fields who are interested in understanding the roles that free radicals and other reactive oxygen and nitrogen species play in basic physiology, disease mechanisms, and treatment strategies.

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Photographic Moment

Prototype for a Universal Flu Vaccine


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Events, meetings, seminars, symposia; Building 10 renovations; new e-mail for Intramural Research Integrity Officer; and more

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