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The NIH Catalyst showcases the scientific research conducted at the National Institutes of Health and contains feature stories, essays, breaking news on NIH research, profiles, and information about Scientific Interest Groups, as well as articles on new scientific methods, NIH history, the Clinical Center, and more.

The NIH Catalyst comes out six times a year (January–February, March–April, May–June, July–August, September–October, and November–December). You can access the current issue as well as browse the newsletter archive, which dates back to 1994.

To submit articles, photos, announcements, or other materials for consideration, email catalyst@nih.gov, or call 301-402-1449, or fax 301-402-1434, or mail The NIH Catalyst, Building 60, Room 232, MSC 4730, Bethesda, MD 20892.

•  Jan-Feb issue: Dec 1 (Nov 15 for features and profiles: December 15 for announcements)
•  Mar-Apr issue: Feb 1 (Jan 15 for features and profiles; February 15 for announcements)
•  May-June issue: April 1 (March 15 for features and profiles; April 15 for announcements)
•  July-Aug issue: June 1 (May 15 for features and profiles; June 15 for announcements)
•  Sept-Oct issue: Aug 1 (July 15 for features and profiles; August 15 for announcements)
•  Nov-Dec issue: Oct 1 (Sept 15 for features and profiles; Oct 15 for announcements)

The content is reprintable without permission but please notify The NIH Catalyst at catalyst@nih.gov. Photos may be available upon request.


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