Photographic Moment

Watching Window Washers

several men on platform washing windows


Dale Lewis (NCI) won first and second places in the third annual “In-Focus Safe Workplaces for All” photography contest. (His first-place image appeared in the January-February issue of the NIH Catalyst at This image features a crew of window washers at the new addition of the Porter Neuroscience Research Center. Lewis, who has been at NIH for more than 19 years, also likes to photograph historic buildings, monuments, animals, flowers, and people. The contest, sponsored by the Division of Occupational Health and Safety in the Office of Research Services, challenged anyone with a passion for photography to use their imagination and creativity to capture an image of workplace safety and health and share it with the NIH community.

Dale Lewis

Dale Lewis, a staff scientist in NCI’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology, took the prize-winning photo of the window washers practicing safe window washing.