From the Deputy Director for Intramural Research

Transparency in Clinical Research: Improving Safety and Quality by Working in Partnership

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Medicine Rocks

“Minerals in Medicine” Exhibit at Clinical Center

The “Minerals in Medicine” exhibition, at the NIH Clinical Center, features crystals and minerals on loan from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The exhibit showcases more than 40 minerals that enable the creation of life-saving medicines and cutting-edge medical equipment used in health-care facilities worldwide.

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NIH Research Festival: Concurrent Symposia

Highlights of the concurrent symposia on bench-to-bedside homeruns; microbiota; long-term effects of early exposure to environmental toxins; inflammation and chronic disease; precision medicine; and computational biology.

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NIH Research Festival: Into the Future and Out of the Past

Festival Goers Discover More Than Scientific Lectures

A Walk in the Future to Explore Virtual Reality and Innovative Technologies; A Walk in the Past to NLM's History of Medicine Collections

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Colleagues: Recently Tenured

Meet your recently tenured colleagues: Diane L. Damiano (CC); Guang Hu (NIEHS); Yinling Hu (NCI-CCR); Daniel S. Reich (pictured, NINDS); R. Scott Williams (NIEHS)

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Colleagues: Bevil Conway

Artist and Neuroscientist

When he is not in the lab, Bevil Conway (National Eye Institute) is a professional painter and sculptor who views his work as an artist as inextricably tied to his work as a neuroscientist.

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From the Annals of NIH History

Probing Metabolic Mysteries in the 1950s

In the 1950s, NIH scientists created a temperature- and humidity-controlled sealed “metabolic chamber” to study the body’s utilization of air, food, and water under a variety of controlled living conditions.

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News Briefs

Achieving NCI’s Cancer Moonshot Goals; Space Chat with the International Space Station (NASA astronaut Kate Rubin pictured); Clinical Center Update on Focus Groups

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Research Briefs

Intramural research highlights: Spotlight on Sjögren Syndrome; differences between allergic and nonallergic dust-mite proteins; genetic explanation for a frustrating syndrome; weight loss leads to strong increase in appetite; Zmapp holds promise as an Ebola treatment; morning sickness linked to lower risk of pregnancy loss; depression in early pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes; and “sixth sense” may be more than just a feeling.

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News You Can Use

New freezer policy on energy-efficient ultralow-temperature freezers; update to ClinRegs website making it easier for researchers doing international clinical trials to find country-specific regulatory information .

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The Training Page


The Synergistic Role of Secondary Mentoring

Scientists at all levels need mentoring to acquire expertise for their field of research, develop communication and other skills, and expand their network. Typically, the principal investigator is thought of as the mentor in most scientific relationships. But trainees may also benefit from having additional or secondary mentors who can provide training in their chosen career path and expand their professional network.

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Announcements: Kudos

National Academy of Medicine Elects 79 New Members

Congratulations to the four NIHers who were among the 79 newly elected members of the National Academy of Medicine in October 2016: Karen Berman (NIMH), Leslie Biesecker (NHGRI), Antonello Bonci (NIDA), and Jake Liang (NIDDK).

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Global Health Lecture with Paul Farmer on November 16; become a member of the NIH Leave Bank; Photo Contest for Safe Workplaces; Safety Awards nominations open; Demystifying Medicine lecture series starts in January; Wednesday Afternoon Lecture lineup

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