From the Deputy Director for Intramural Research

A Red Alert for the NIH

In response to serious deficiencies discovered in May 2015 in the Clinical Center’s Pharmaceutical Development Section (PDS), NIH Director Francis Collins commissioned a report from an Advisory Committee to the Director subcommittee called the “Red Team” to determine the underlying causes of the PDS problems and to recommend a way forward designed to prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

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NIH Dental Clinic

Brace Yourself for Collaborations

Many intramural clinical investigators and research nurses may be unaware of the NIH Dental Clinic tucked away on the first floor of the NIH Clinical Center, despite the fact that the dental group has been caring for patients since 1953.The clinic’s consult services can guide the overall treatment plan for Clinical Center patients and lead to multidisciplinary-research collaborations between the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and other institutes.

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Proteins and Processors

A Chat with NIH’s Chief Data Scientist, Philip Bourne

At first blush, Philip Bourne sounds a lot like the name of a secret agent. The Australian-born chemist has spent much of his career working with supercomputers, occasionally taking a break to fly small airplanes or take transcontinental journeys on his motorcycle. But unlike Jason Bourne of the Bourne film franchise, Philip Bourne uses his special skills to help researchers ply massive piles of data to produce new scientific breakthroughs.

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Colleagues: Recently Tenured

Meet your recently tenured colleagues: Veronica A. Alvarez (NIAAA, pictured), Yogita Chudasama (NIMH), Michael T. Collins (NIDCR), Neal Freedman (NCI-DCEG), Janet E. Hall (NIEHS), Mitchell Ho (NCI-CCR), Lindsay M. Morton (NCI-DCEG), and Jung-Hyun Park (NCI-CCR).

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News You Can Use

Attention Intramural Investigators:

Do You Know about Bench-to-Bedside?

Scientific collaboration is the name of the game these days, but did you know that NIH’s Bench-to-Bedside program, founded in 1998, was the first formal intramural effort that encouraged NIH investigators to seek funding for collaborative projects that involved other institutes and centers?

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Research Briefs

Intramural research highlights: researchers sequence genome of fungus that causes pneumocystis pneumonia; marijuana-use disorder is common and often untreated; air pollution can trigger premature births in pregnant women with asthma; NMDA receptors help brain detect motion; factors that influence the effectiveness of flu vaccines; identification of immune cells in healthy mouth provide clues to periodontal disease.

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Up Close and Personal with Diane Rehm

A Conversation with NPR’s Renowned Talk-Show Host

Nationally acclaimed public-radio talk-show host Diane Rehm is used to asking all the questions. The Diane Rehm Show features thoughtful and lively conversations with newsmakers, authors, and experts of all kinds. But the tables were turned recently when she was invited to be the guest at NIH’s J. Edward Rall Cultural Lecture at which NIH Director Francis Collins played host and asked all the questions.

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Senator Mikulski’s Farewell Visit to NIH

Continuing to Advocate for NIH

Soon-to-retire U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) promised to continue to be an advocate for NIH, in a town hall meeting held in Masur Auditorium on April 11, 2016.

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The Training Page


National Postdoctoral Association Helps Enrich Postdoc Training

As researchers, we have seen how scientific investigations have evolved from the simple to elaborate, advanced, multimethod studies that often rely on collaborations among scientists from different disciplines. As postdocs, we are hyperaware of the need for our training to keep pace with this ever-changing research world.

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Alumni News

What Every Science Student Should Know

NIH Student Alums Co-author Book

Two former NIHers are among the co-authors of What Every Science Student Should Know (University of Chicago Press, 2016).

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From the Annals of NIH History

When the Slide Rule Ruled

What do Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, and the Apollo astronauts have in common? They all used slide rules! 

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Announcements: Kudos

Congratulations to Anthony Fauci (NIAID) for winning the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award; 2015 NIH Summer Intern Clare Zhu (NIDA) who was a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search; PECASE Award winners Katie Kindt (NIDCD) and Andre Larochelle (NHLBI); and to Sriram Subramaniam (NCI) for having cryoelectron microscopy being named “2015 Method of the Year” by Nature.

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Events, courses, Master of Health Science program, fellowships, job search, and more.

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