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The PAIN Scientific Interest Group (PAIN SIG) is comprised of investigators from a number of different NIH institutes and centers that are interested in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying pain. The group is moderated by Lauren Atlas (NCCIH), Yarimar Carrasquillo (NCCIH), Alex Chesler (NCCIH), and Mark Hoon (NIDCR) and includes students, postdocs, postbacs, staff, investigators, and clinicians. Research areas of interest span from molecular and cellular studies in model systems to clinical studies in both healthy individuals and pain patients. The SIG’s goal is to provide a forum where researchers from different backgrounds can openly exchange their ideas and perspectives as well as discuss the latest technical approaches for the study of pain.

The PAIN SIG hosts monthly seminars presented by pain research leaders across the country as well as an annual mini-symposium that showcases cutting-edge intramural pain research. Every month, all PAIN SIG trainees are also invited to join the speaker for lunch on the day of the seminar.

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For additional information about the PAIN SIG or the events it sponsors, contact one of the moderators: Lauren Atlas (, Yarimar Carrasquillo (, Alex Chesler (, or Mark Hoon (