Photographic Moment

Sky Horizon

Photo of the abstract sculpture 'Sky Horizon', taken by Samarendra Singh


Samarendra Singh, a visiting postdoctoral fellow in NIDDK’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology, took this photo on an eerily overcast day in April. When he gets a break from researching how recombination activation genes mediate V(D)J recombination, Singh enjoys snapping pictures with his high-end Canon digital single-lens reflex camera, model 5D. The sculpture can be found below the Clinical Center on West Drive. It was selected to mark NIH’s 1987 centennial anniversary. The sculpture “stands as a reminder of the accomplishments of NIH to the health of mankind and a salute to those who made those accomplishments possible.” Constructed in 1986 by Louise Nevelson, 20th-century New York artist known for her abstract sculptures, Sky Horizon stands 30 feet tall and is made of the nonreflective material COR-TEN steel. The piece was dedicated to NIH in 1988 by the family of Edwin C. Whitehead, founder of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and the Technicon Corporation.

Samarendra Singh, the photographer