NIH Director's Seminar Series: Neural correlates of human episodic memory formation


Dr. Kareem Zaghloul

Wilson Hall, NIH Building 1; and NIH videocast

The November 2023 lecture in the NIH Director's Seminar Series will be given by IRP senior investigator Kareem Zaghloul, M.D., Ph.D.

Memory is critical to our everyday experience. We rely upon our memories not only to form our own sense of identity, but also to guide and plan our future actions and behaviors. Understanding the neural mechanisms that underlie human memory formation is therefore critical in order to effectively treat memory disorders which are present in some of the most debilitating yet poorly managed neurological diseases.

Dr. Zaghloul's research efforts are focused on investigating the neural correlates of human episodic memory formation by leveraging the opportunities to directly record neural activity across multiple spatial scales from the human brain in patients receiving surgical treatment for drug resistant epilepsy. His experimental results provide novel insights into how information specific to individual memories is represented in the brain, and how this information is accessed as people recall previous experiences from memory.

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