NIH Director's Seminar Series: A small RNA perspective on genome integrity


Dr. Astrid Haase

Wilson Hall, NIH Building 1; and NIH Videocast

The December 2023 lecture in the NIH Director's Seminar Series will be given by IRP senior investigator Astrid Desiree Haase, M.D., Ph.D.

Small non-coding RNAs play crucial roles in development and disease by regulating gene expression, defending against viruses, and controlling mobile genetic elements (transposons). Dr. Haase's research focuses on PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) that silence transposons to safeguard the integrity of germline genomes. PIWI-piRNA complexes act as RNA-guided defense and are essential for germ cell health and fertility. To better understand the molecular mechanisms of this RNA-based immune system, her lab employs an integrated approach that combines genetics, biochemistry, and next-generation sequencing. Results from her group's studies elucidate fundamental mechanisms of genome protection and establish a foundation for the development of programmable (piRNA-guided) epigenetic therapy.

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