Linking genetic mutations to two rare facial conditions



Arhinia, or the complete absence of the external nose, is an extremely rare congenital malformation with fewer than 100 reported cases in the past century. The presence of several familial cases of arhinia raised suspicion for a genetic cause, but no previous studies had identified a plausible candidate gene.


An international team of researchers led by IRP investigator Natalie D. Shaw, M.D., MMSc., used whole-exome sequencing to search for a gene linked to arhinia in 40 patients with the condition. They discovered that 84% of the patients had a mutation in the gene SMCHD1, which encodes an epigenetic repressor. Surprisingly, identical mutations in SMCHD1 have previously been implicated in a rare form of muscular dystrophy called FSHD2, which is not associated with any facial deformities but does cause weakening and deterioration of the facial muscles. These data suggest that arhinia is driven not only by SMCHD1 mutations but also by other genetic and/or environmental factors yet to be identified.


This is the first study to identify a genetic cause of congenital arhinia. Work is now in progress to determine how SMCHD1 mutations interfere with craniofacial development and to identify the key genetic factors that differentiate arhinia from FSHD2.


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