Mike Michaelides, Ph.D.


Neuroimaging Research Branch, Biobehavioral Imaging and Molecular Neuropsychopharmacology Unit


Triad Technology Center
333 Cassell Drive
Room 3444
Baltimore, MD 21224



Research Topics

Our laboratory implements state-of-the-art biobehavioral molecular imaging approaches integrated alongside cutting-edge neuromodulatory, molecular, pharmacological, transgenic, and bioinformatic methods for identifying behaviorally-relevant neurobiological mechanisms critical for substance abuse and addiction. Special emphasis is placed on reverse-translating findings from clinical research to animals. In addition, clinical relevance of mechanisms studied in animals is determined in humans via imaging, bioinformatics, genetics and postmortem tissue examinations.

Selected Publications

  1. Gomez JL, Bonaventura J, Lesniak W, Mathews WB, Sysa-Shah P, Rodriguez LA, Ellis RJ, Richie CT, Harvey BK, Dannals RF, Pomper MG, Bonci A, Michaelides M. Chemogenetics revealed: DREADD occupancy and activation via converted clozapine. Science. 2017;357(6350):503-507.

  2. Magnus CJ, Lee PH, Bonaventura J, Zemla R, Gomez JL, Ramirez MH, Hu X, Galvan A, Basu J, Michaelides M, Sternson SM. Ultrapotent chemogenetics for research and potential clinical applications. Science. 2019;364(6436).

  3. Cai NS, Quiroz C, Bonaventura J, Bonifazi A, Cole TO, Purks J, Billing AS, Massey E, Wagner M, Wish ED, Guitart X, Rea W, Lam S, Moreno E, Casadó-Anguera V, Greenblatt AD, Jacobson AE, Rice KC, Casadó V, Newman AH, Winkelman JW, Michaelides M, Weintraub E, Volkow ND, Belcher AM, Ferré S. Opioid-galanin receptor heteromers mediate the dopaminergic effects of opioids. J Clin Invest. 2019;129(7):2730-2744.

  4. Michaelides M, Miller ML, DiNieri JA, Gomez JL, Schwartz E, Egervari G, Wang GJ, Mobbs CV, Volkow ND, Hurd YL. Dopamine D2 Receptor Signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens Comprises a Metabolic-Cognitive Brain Interface Regulating Metabolic Components of Glucose Reinforcement. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2017;42(12):2365-2376.

  5. Michaelides M, Miller ML, Egervari G, Primeaux SD, Gomez JL, Ellis RJ, Landry JA, Szutorisz H, Hoffman AF, Lupica CR, Loos RJF, Thanos PK, Bray GA, Neumaier JF, Zachariou V, Wang GJ, Volkow ND, Hurd YL. Striatal Rgs4 regulates feeding and susceptibility to diet-induced obesity. Mol Psychiatry. 2018.

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