Michael J. Krashes, Ph.D.

Senior Investigator

Section on Motivational Processes Underlying Appetite, Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Obesity Branch


Building NIHBC 10 - CRC, Room 6-3932
10 Center Dr
Bethesda, MD 20892

+1 301 827 0960


Research Topics

The ultimate goal of my research is to decipher the wiring diagram that underlies hunger. To achieve this, we employ novel genetic tools and techniques to dissect conserved feeding circuits with the hopes of furthering our understanding of the behaviors that drive humans to obtain food and ultimately how these behaviors can be manipulated to battle human eating afflictions.


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2009

Selected Publications

  1. de Araujo Salgado I, Li C, Burnett CJ, Rodriguez Gonzalez S, Becker JJ, Horvath A, Earnest T, Kravitz AV, Krashes MJ. Toggling between food-seeking and self-preservation behaviors via hypothalamic response networks. Neuron. 2023.
  2. Sutton Hickey AK, Duane SC, Mickelsen LE, Karolczak EO, Shamma AM, Skillings A, Li C, Krashes MJ. AgRP neurons coordinate the mitigation of activity-based anorexia. Mol Psychiatry. 2023;28(4):1622-1635.
  3. Boone MH, Liang-Guallpa J, Krashes MJ. Examining the role of olfaction in dietary choice. Cell Rep. 2021;34(7):108755.
  4. Mazzone CM, Liang-Guallpa J, Li C, Wolcott NS, Boone MH, Southern M, Kobzar NP, Salgado IA, Reddy DM, Sun F, Zhang Y, Li Y, Cui G, Krashes MJ. High-fat food biases hypothalamic and mesolimbic expression of consummatory drives. Nat Neurosci. 2020;23(10):1253-1266.
  5. Burnett CJ, Funderburk SC, Navarrete J, Sabol A, Liang-Guallpa J, Desrochers TM, Krashes MJ. Need-based prioritization of behavior. Elife. 2019;8.

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