Amy Janes, Ph.D.


Neuroimaging Research Branch, Cognitive and Pharmacological Neuroimaging Unit


Biomedical Research Center
251 Bayview Boulevard
Suite 200, Room 07A709
Baltimore, MD 21224


Research Topics

The long-term objective of our lab is to use neuroscience to guide the development of more personalized treatments for substance use disorders. This aim is supported by several shorter-term goals that include: 1) identifying neurobiological vulnerabilities for developing and maintaining addictive disorders; 2) determining how psychiatric disorders contribute to substance misuse; 3) determining the neurobiological impact of existing and developing treatments.


I received my Ph.D. in the Brain, Behavior, and Cognition division of Psychology at Boston University. While my thesis work focused on the molecular mechanisms of cocaine dependence in preclinical models, I transitioned to using clinical neuroimaging methods for my post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital. I remained at Harvard and McLean for over 14 years and most recently I was an Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the Functional Integration of Addiction Research Lab, and Associate Director of the McLean T32 training program focused on research in Substance Use Disorders and Brain Imaging. I also held a joint appointment with Suffolk University to provide research training to pre-doctoral candidates attaining degrees in clinical psychology. I currently serve as President-Elect for the College on Problems of Drug Dependence and am a Tenure-Track Investigator at the NIDA-IRP.

Selected Publications

  1. Centanni SW, Janes AC, Haggerty DL, Atwood B, Hopf FW. Better living through understanding the insula: Why subregions can make all the difference. Neuropharmacology. 2021;198:108765.
  2. Murray L, Welsh JC, Johnson CG, Kaiser RH, Farchione TJ, Janes AC. Alcohol- and non-alcohol-related interference: An fMRI study of treatment-seeking adults with alcohol use disorder. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2022;235:109462.
  3. Stewart Campbell A, Needham BD, Meyer CR, Tan J, Conrad M, Preston GM, Bolognani F, Rao SG, Heussler H, Griffith R, Guastella AJ, Janes AC, Frederick B, Donabedian DH, Mazmanian SK. Safety and target engagement of an oral small-molecule sequestrant in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: an open-label phase 1b/2a trial. Nat Med. 2022;28(3):528-534.
  4. Ekhtiari H, Zare-Bidoky M, Sangchooli A, Janes AC, Kaufman MJ, Oliver JA, Prisciandaro JJ, Wüstenberg T, Anton RF, Bach P, Baldacchino A, Beck A, Bjork JM, Brewer J, Childress AR, Claus ED, Courtney KE, Ebrahimi M, Filbey FM, Ghahremani DG, Azbari PG, Goldstein RZ, Goudriaan AE, Grodin EN, Hamilton JP, Hanlon CA, Hassani-Abharian P, Heinz A, Joseph JE, Kiefer F, Zonoozi AK, Kober H, Kuplicki R, Li Q, London ED, McClernon J, Noori HR, Owens MM, Paulus MP, Perini I, Potenza M, Potvin S, Ray L, Schacht JP, Seo D, Sinha R, Smolka MN, Spanagel R, Steele VR, Stein EA, Steins-Loeber S, Tapert SF, Verdejo-Garcia A, Vollstädt-Klein S, Wetherill RR, Wilson SJ, Witkiewitz K, Yuan K, Zhang X, Zilverstand A. A methodological checklist for fMRI drug cue reactivity studies: development and expert consensus. Nat Protoc. 2022;17(3):567-595.
  5. Ward HB, Beermann A, Nawaz U, Halko MA, Janes AC, Moran LV, Brady RO Jr. Evidence for Schizophrenia-Specific Pathophysiology of Nicotine Dependence. Front Psychiatry. 2022;13:804055.

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