DCEG Mourns Biostatistician and Mentor Sholom Wacholder

Sholom Wacholder died October 4, 2015, at his home in Rockville, Maryland.

"Dr. Wacholder made tremendous contributions to the fields of cancer epidemiology and biostatistics as well as to his community of colleagues at NCI and to those whom he mentored," said Dr. Stephen Chanock, Divsion Director. "He will be greatly missed by all of us. He was a special colleague and friend to so many."

Dr. Wacholder leaves behind a legacy of research excellence in genetic epidemiology that is both diverse and remarkably deep. A statistician by training, he was sought out by colleagues across the Division to advise on critical methodological and analytic components of nearly all major undertakings of the Division over the past 30 years, exploring the causes of cancer from natural history studies through clinical trials. He had a keen sense of the underlying biological questions and succeeded in helping the rest of us to become smarter and better informed. His breadth ranged from studies of risk factors to the application of new technologies to investigate the heritable component of different cancers.

DCEG Mourns Biostatistician and Mentor Sholom Wacholder

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