Nanomedicine: Which Cancers to Treat?

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breast cancer cells

The Nanomedicine: Which Cancers to Treat? virtual workshop will be held on November 3, 8, and 14. Nanotechnology has been a valuable tool for developing new or modifying existing cancer therapies based primarily on nano-based constructs. Nanoparticles, one of the most common nanocarriers employed in nanomedicine, can deliver various therapeutic cargo into cancer cells. The physico-chemical versatility of nanoparticles resulted in the development of multiple drug delivery platform technologies capable of treating different cancers with distinct treatment modalities. To improve the effectiveness of nanotherapeutics, their design needs to be driven by a-bed-to-bench approach, and a thorough consideration of the particular cancer indication to be treated.

In this workshop, we plan to discuss which cancers are most suitable for nanotherapeutic treatments, how to match selected cancer targets with a successful nanoparticle platform and nanotherapy, and how to overcome some of the critical biological/clinical barriers that have hampered the medical translation of nanotherapeutics. The workshop outcomes will help guide future nano-therapeutic designs and their cancer utility.

This meeting is open to the public and free to attend, but registration is required to access the event virtually.

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