Can we outwit the influenza virus with a universal vaccine?



A master of disguise, the influenza virus presents unique strains, or versions, of itself each season through its ability to mutate, rendering vaccines developed for particular strains ineffective against new viruses. A universal influenza vaccine could provide people with broad and long-lasting flu protection. But researchers did not know if the presence of existing antibodies—formed in response to a bout with the flu or a vaccination—would interfere with the efficacy of a universal vaccine.


IRP researchers led by Gary J. Nabel, M.D., Ph.D., tested if a prime-boost vaccination schedule would be negatively affected by the presence of existing antibodies. They found that animals receiving a special prime-boost vaccine regimen were still able to produce broadly neutralizing antibodies, regardless of pre-existing immunity.


Further development and testing of a universal human influenza vaccine to provide broad and long-lasting protection against multiple influenza virus strains is underway. If successful, an approved universal influenza vaccine could save billions of dollars and, more importantly, millions of lives.


Press Release – NIH Study Suggests Potential Hurdle to Universal Flu Vaccine Development May Be Overcome.

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