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Research in Action

Lists of accomplishments and honors fail to provide insights into the process of discovery and the day-to-day interactions that made them possible. In these brief pieces, you will learn about the individuals that make up the Intramural Research Program (IRP). In addition to learning about their goals and achievements, you will learn about their inspirational moments, their individual roads to discovery, and most of all, why they are passionate about the research that they do in the IRP.

And the Award for Best Supporting Cell Goes To…

Lisa Cunningham uses cellular stress to protect the inner ear from chemotherapy.

The Long Road to Understanding Kidney Cancer

W. Marston Linehan investigates kidney cancer gene pathways to find new treatment strategies.

Cellular Trash-Talking

Rosa Puertollano dives into the mechanisms of cellular cleanup.

Addiction Dogma Finds New Directions

Geoffrey Schoenbaum investigates how our insight (or lack thereof) shapes behavior.

The Microbiome: When Good Bugs Go Bad

Yasmine Belkaid explores the fine balance that exists between microbes and their hosts.

Visionary Scientist. Mentor. CEO?

Kapil Bharti accelerates scholarship into entrepreneurship, aiming to restore damaged eyesight.

Spellchecking DNA

Thomas Kunkel inspects DNA replication fidelity for underpinnings of health and disease.

Changing Cells, Aging Bodies

Myriam Gorospe views aging through a molecular lens to help lengthen healthspan.

A Conviction, an Addiction, and a Mouse

Veronica Alvarez takes the path less traveled to understand addiction.

The Human Energy Crisis

Kevin Hall applies a physicist’s view of energy to the human body.

Seeking Better Vision

Brian Brooks looks for ways to help families with childhood blindness.

Going With the Flow

Pratip Chattopadhyay develops cutting-edge tools to peer into the immune system.

One Gene, Three Disorders, and No Cures

Karen Usdin investigates how multiple copies of a short DNA repeat give rise to the Fragile X-related disorders.

Scientists with TALEN(t)!

By manipulating the mouse genome, Rafael Casellas brings human gene therapy closer to reality.

A Rare Glimpse Into the Ordinary

Joan Han studies rare diseases for insight into a common ailment: obesity.

Bookmark this Gene

Karen Adelman investigates how the body’s cells stay on top of their environment.

Taking the Long View

Mark Schiffman uses molecular epidemiology to predict and prevent cervical cancer.

From Despair to Hope in Hours

Carlos Zarate speeds up treatment for major depression.

Forces of Nature

Keir Neuman applies physics to transform the field of biology.

Mining for Cancer Insights

Cheryl Cropp ventures away from the bench to dig into cancer data.

Algorithms for Life

Teresa Przytycka answers complex biological questions using computational tools.

No Assembly Required

Ken Yamada investigates the molecular basis of cell motility and adhesion.

To See or Not To See...

Owen Schwartz finds ways for scientists to visualize the previously unknown.

Building Bodily Cancer Defenses

James Gulley provides new tools in the immune system's fight against cancer.

Addicted to Science

Markus Heilig investigates pharmacogenetic approaches to treating alcoholism.

From the Mountains to the Clinic

Sonja M. Best hunts for viruses that evade the immune system.

Ambitions of a Tool-Maker

Hari Shroff builds microscopes that shine light on the boundaries of neuroscience.

Teaming Up for Change

Elizabeth Rasch and her multidisciplinary team develop better ways to measure disability.

High-Fidelity Stereocilia

Bechara Kachar uses high-tech imaging to understand the cell biology of hearing.

Research into the Realm of Risk

Caroline Fox investigates risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

The Broken Leg Mystery

Michael Collins and his Clinical Center colleagues cure a teenager of a debilitating bone disorder.

Plastic Brains

Jerrel Yakel studies the neural circuits that underlie learning and memory.

Molecular Interventions

Christina Annunziata brings her unique expertise to bear on the problem of ovarian cancer.

Contacts Far and Wide

Gary Felsenfeld celebrates 50 years at the NIH with an indefatigable research agenda.

Found in Translation

Bibiana Bielekova moves from the bench to the bedside and back again in pursuit of a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Finding the Perfect Target

Tongqing Zhou brings the tools of structural biology to the search for an HIV vaccine.

Seeing Is Believing

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz peers into the life and death of cells.

A Two-year Clinical Research Odyssey

William Gahl searches for answers to some of the most confounding undiagnosed diseases.

An Eye to a Cure

Anand Swaroop aims to treat retinal diseases with cell-based therapies.

Energized by Fatigue

Leorey Saligan works as a nurse and scientist to improve both quality of life and therapeutic outcomes for patients suffering from fatigue.

Healthy Body, Sound Mind?

Bronwen Martin investigates the link between metabolism and brain health in aging.