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The National Academy of Medicine

The National Academies provide expert advice to the U.S. government on issues of science, health, and engineering and, today, comprise three private, nonprofit institutions: The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), National Academy of Engineering (NAE), and National Academy of Medicine (NAM). The NAM is the newest of these, established in 1970 originally under the name Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Membership to the Academies is considered one of the highest honors bestowed to a U.S. scientist. Below is a list of the many NIH scientists, past and present, elected to the NAM. Click here for our list of NAS and NAE members.

Current IRP scientists elected to the NAM (year of election):

Former IRP scientists elected to the IOM/NAM (alphabetical):

  • Julius Axelrod (1980)

  • Ezekiel Emmanuel (2004)

  • Donald Fredrickson (1971)

  • Harold Ginsberg (1981)

  • Alan Guttmacher (2004)

  • Robert Kaplan (2005)

  • Ruth Kirschstein (1983)

  • Richard Krause (1981)

  • Carl Kupfer (1983)

  • Donald Lindberg (1985)

  • Donald Mattison (2000)

  • Gary Nabel (1998)

  • John Niederhuber (2008)

  • Marshall Nirenberg (1971)

  • William Paul (1990)

  • John Robbins (1993)

  • John Seal (1984)

  • Louis Sokoloff (1997)

  • Harold Varmus (1991)

  • Daniel Weinberger (1999)