Suzanne Wingate, Ph.D., R.N., ANP-BC

Senior Clinician

Division of Intramural Research


Clinical Director


Building 10, Room 2-1339
10 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20814


Research Topics

Topic: Heart failure; symptom palliation and end of life

Issue: Over 5 million American adults have heart failure, with approximately 5 to 10% of these individuals having advanced-stage heart failure. Advanced-stage heart failure is due to progression of the disease and is characterized by symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, pain, and depression; a decreased quality of life; and a high mortality rate. Treatment of advanced-stage heart failure includes recognizing and managing patients’ symptoms, integrating palliative care, and preparing patients and families for end of life.

Impact: Dr. Suzanne Wingate’s current research examines symptom palliation and end of life in patients with advanced-stage heart failure. In their study of patients’ transition to hospice, she and her colleagues identified important gaps in key clinical information that is exchanged between providers during this transfer. Dr. Wingate and her team also conducted the first and largest multi-site study to investigate pain in patients with advanced-stage heart failure. Findings from this study indicated that this symptom is common and often not relieved with standard medications and treatments. Dr. Wingate and colleagues are now looking at other variables in these patients (such as frailty and symptom severity) to better characterize their symptom burden, with the plan of developing targeted assessment and treatment options for them.

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