Deborah Zarin, M.D.

Senior Scientist

Cognitive Science Branch


Building 38A, Room 7N719 (MSC 3826)
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20894


Research Topics

Dr Zarin's recent research has been on the quality of trial reporting, as well as issues in the design and analysis of clinical trials. Previous positions held by Dr. Zarin include the Director, Technology Assessment Program, at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Director of the Practice Guidelines program at the American Psychiatric Association. In these positions, Dr. Zarin conducted systematic reviews and related analyses in support of evidence based clinical and policy recommendations. Dr. Zarin's academic interests are in the area of evidence based clinical and policy decision making, as well as clinical trial conduct, analysis and reporting. She is the author of over 70 peer reviewed articles.


Deborah A. Zarin, M.D. is the Director of In this capacity, she oversees the development and operation of an international registry and results reporting system for clinical trials, and the corresponding implementation of legal and other trial reporting policies. Dr. Zarin is also the Assistant Director for Clinical Research Projects at the National Library of Medicine Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications.

Dr. Zarin graduated from Stanford University and received her doctorate in medicine from Harvard Medical School. She completed a clinical decision making fellowship, a pediatric internship, and is board certified in general psychiatry, as well as in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Selected Publications

  1. Ross JS, Tse T, Zarin DA, Xu H, Zhou L, Krumholz HM. Publication of NIH funded trials registered in cross sectional analysis. BMJ. 2012;344:d7292.

  2. Zarin DA, Tse T, Williams RJ, Califf RM, Ide NC. The results database--update and key issues. N Engl J Med. 2011;364(9):852-60.

  3. Dawson L, Zarin DA, Emanuel EJ, Friedman LM, Chaudhari B, Goodman SN. Considering usual medical care in clinical trial design. PLoS Med. 2009;6(9):e1000111.

  4. Zarin DA, Tse T, Sheehan J. The proposed rule for U.S. clinical trial registration and results submission. N Engl J Med. 2015;372(2):174-80.

  5. Hartung DM, Zarin DA, Guise JM, McDonagh M, Paynter R, Helfand M. Reporting discrepancies between the results database and peer-reviewed publications. Ann Intern Med. 2014;160(7):477-83.

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